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Blog Posts · 24 April 2021
Light After a Long Winter
Celebration for Pat Layton - The Three Bodies during Death - Ayurvedic Support for Grief
Blog Posts · 23 October 2020
In memory of Pat Layton, our beloved teacher, mentor, and friend.
Blog Posts · 10 February 2020
Vedic astrology is gaining in popularity in the West, and more and more seekers are accessing it for life direction and getting answers to some of life’s more perplexing questions. Its origins, techniques and concepts are somewhat shrouded in mystery to the new agers or alternative-oriented people; but I’m happy to inform you that it isn’t complicated or hard to understand at all, in fact its much simpler and more direct than its western astrology cousin.
Blog Posts · 22 January 2020
Eleven states have passed Health Freedom legislation, most recently Maine. Could Wisconsin be next? We may know very soon.
Blog Posts · 19 January 2020
Congratulations! It’s January and you survived the holiday season. Did your digestion survive? Kinda…? Did all the foods and drinks offered at the festive dinners, cookies, cocktail parties and holiday gatherings leave you feeling bloating, indigestion, constipation, heaviness after eating, loss of appetite or excessive cravings.
Blog Posts · 16 December 2016
Hello AAW member! Welcome to our first AAW Buying Club purchase opportunity! This has consistently been one of the top requested benefits to be offered by the AAW and we are happy to announce that we are starting out with this benefit. Being a part of a buying club enables us to make purchases at lower prices than are generally available, or to purchase goods that might be difficult to obtain independently. Buying Opportunity Twice each year, Banyan Botanicals offers an additional 20% off their...
Blog Posts · 10 December 2016
The Sanskrit word used in Ayurveda for daily routine is dinacharya. An essential component of being in balance is sticking to a daily routine. Conscious awareness in our daily lives enables us to be whole and healthy beings, bringing us closer to our true natures. Living in harmony with the cycles of nature is important in Ayurveda and also a path to good health. Having a structured routine will always help us to take better care of ourselves. Ayurveda suggests a few more key steps besides just...
Blog Posts · 04 November 2016
by Susan Pack
Blog Posts · 20 October 2016
by Nicole Hinterstocker
Blog Posts · 10 October 2016
Written by Nicole Hinterstocker, President AAW