Health Freedom in Wisconsin

Eleven states have passed Health Freedom legislation, most recently Maine. Could Wisconsin be next? We may know very soon.

What is Health Freedom?

Health Freedom laws protect access to complementary health care by creating a safe harbor for unlicensed practitioners like naturopaths, herbalists, energy workers, and Ayurvedic professionals. It does this by outlining scope of practice, prohibitions, and disclosures. The bill in Wisconsin is called Consumer Protection for Complementary Health Care or Assembly Bill 546 (AB 546).


Read this article from NAMA to learn more

What can I do?

There was a public hearing on January 7th with the Assembly Committee on Health who will soon decide to vote. You can tell them to vote on AB546, and vote YES. The Senate Committee on Health will hold a public hearing on Thursday, January 23rd at 12pm at the State's Capitol. It's important that supporters show up. You can also offer a testimony in favor for the bill and tell the Committee why Ayurveda is or has been important to you or your family. It's also important to let your local legislators know they have constituents who care about this bill. 


Thanks very much for your support! Contact Heather Burkart with questions or if you'd like to support the effort in any way, or attend the hearing tomorrow.