Welcome to the Ayurveda Association of Wisconsin!

A New Way to Connect Ayurveda and Community

Written by Nicole Hinterstocker, President AAW

A little less than one year ago, a dear friend of mine, Rebecca Magestro - owner of Mosaic Wellness in Germantown Wisconsin - held the first of a number of meetups which we were calling the Vedic Satsang.  The intention was to (and I'm quoting) "bring the Ayurvedic community together for education, discussion and inspiration in all aspects of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, creating new friendships, awareness and higher vibrations."


What followed was a series of monthly meetings attended by a mixture of mostly currently practicing Ayurvedic Practitioners, and general community members interested in knowing more about Ayurveda.  We discovered that the community was longing for a type of cohesion that brought practitioners and community members together, while also supporting professionals working in the field of Ayurveda and other Health-Centric professions.


On March 15th 2016, during a particularly well attended meeting, the group decided as a whole to move toward a membership oriented association, and the AAW was born! We have officially submitted our paperwork to the state, and next to the IRS to become a 501(c)6 - non-profit organization.


Together, our mission is to connect the community with those who practice and teach Ayurveda with the intention to spread the awareness and knowledge of Ayurveda throughout the State of Wisconsin. 


We invite you to reach out to us via this website, our free, public Meetup page, or our email address, or on Facebook

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    Jamie Durner (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 06:22)

    Many kudos to you and Rebecca for the initial vision and seed spark and to the core group who is putting in the seva to build the foundation. I bow to you all for the goodness you are building for this community and for continuing to share the light of Ayurveda.