June 3 2020


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

Wednesday, 5/18/20  9am      


Present: Tresa, Heather, Susan, Sarah, Rebecca

The meeting began with a discussion on how often we should meet and how long our meetings will last. For now, we will try to meet every two weeks for one hour, possibly 15 minutes longer if need be. Susan brought up a discussion concerning the ex-board of directors. Technically, the meetings are closed to non-board members unless they are invited or asked to attend. Right now, the five listed above as present, are the current board directors. Tresa will reach out to Nicole, Stacey, and Carol to see if they want to remain members-at-large or just continue to receive the minutes. Sarah talked about the difference between a 501(c)3 vs a 501(c)6. After a discussion, the directors agreed to leave it for now as a 501(c)3. Sarah reported on the financials. Susan made a motion to approve the financials as is. Rebecca seconded it. Everyone present voted yes. Tresa asked each director to talk about what we are offering to the community currently promote Ayurveda. After all the reports, we agreed to add the other directors to our email lists. There was a discussion about forming the committees to do work outside of the board meetings. Susan proposed the idea of creating a strategic plan to determine where we should head. Susan, Tresa, and Heather agreed to work on this. The directors decided to keep the Meet-up page for anyone to post free community events. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 17th at 10:30.


Respectfully submitted, Susan Pack

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