May 20 2021


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

Thursday, 5/20/21  9am      


Present: Susan, Heather, Bridgette, Raka

Excused: Rebecca, Sarah, Tresa

President’s update:

Meet-Up: Heather led the meeting in Tresa’s absence. We first talked about if we should renew our Meet-up account. Because the directors had little information, we ended up with more questions, such as: How long will they store our information/mailing list? Can the mailing list be downloaded for us to use? Can we pause it until we start having money coming in? The directors also thought it was expensive for us to have right now. Is there an exit strategy that we need to plan?

Sangha event on Sunday. Susan brought up the fact that she was confused about what the event was all about. She also mentioned that the Facebook post was confusing too and had a call from an Ayurveda person asking her what it meant. The directors looked at the post and there was a bit of confusion about what the event was going to be about. It appears to be “discussing Ayurveda” but some thought it was more about collecting information from the attendees on what they want from AAW going forward. Susan thought that the last “town hall” was about setting intentions.

We are hoping that Tresa will be leading the Sangha. Heather was going to check with her on the details. Susan and Raka will meet and rewrite another post for Facebook along with the membership document and the application.

Due to the confusion about where things were in various committees, and the excused absences of some of the directors, Raka suggested that we put the committee reports in DropBox for all to see.

Treasurer’s report:

Bridgette shared with us the financials. Susan moved to accept the financial report. Heather seconded it. All present voted “yes.”

Committees’ updates:

Communications and Market: Siteground has been purchased and Janet has started working on the new website.

Membership: Raka shared with us the application and the secret page on which the membership information is stored. There were questions about where does the application go when submitted, who approves them, and what is the length of the membership? Also, are the applications saved and where? And do we verify, and how, the applicants’ credentials?

Susan was concerned about people wanting to sign up further into the process and having to pay full price for a much shorter membership.

Susan and Raka will meet to review all these documents before sending them out.

Our next meeting will be on June 24th at 2:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


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