February 25 2021


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

Thursday, 2/25/20  9am      


Present: Tresa, Susan, Rebecca, Sarah, Heather, Bridgette

President’s update:

Tresa talked to the directors about the website. It really needs to be redone before we can move forward. One of the membership benefits is being listed in our online directory. To do that, we need a new website and a person who can help us with that. Rebecca will talk to her husband to see if he can help, for a start. Others will reach out to their webmasters.

Tresa talked to us about her idea of an online, one-hour “Town Hall” to let the community know where we are with AAW, what we have been working on, and where we plan to go in the future. The idea is to have the attendees meet the directors and then open it up to the community to see what they would like for us to do to support them. It was suggested that we do that on the Spring Equinox, March 20th. It will most likely be in the morning.

Because Sarah had limited time, we moved her up on the agenda. She talked about the need for the website to be viable for that membership committee to move forward. See above. We need to be able to offer the members a listing on our website, which is not available right now. There was talk about having a “Donate Now” button on our website in hopes that future members would support us getting up and running.

From there, it was decided to create a task force for determining where to go with our website. Rebecca, Tresa, and Heather agreed to be on it.

Tresa presented us with more information on our upcoming contract with NAMA. If one of our members wanted to offer a PACE workshop, the fee would be only $50, which is much less than it would be without this contract. Also, if we offer a large workshop, NAMA would be willing to reach out to the surrounding states (or anywhere we suggest), and share our workshop information with them. This will be done for free by NAMA. What they will not do is give our members a discount on their membership. It is way too complicated for them to do that.

There was a lot of discussion around the dates and duration of the board meetings. After a long discussion, Tresa decided that she would send out dates and times to all of us and we can indicate which ones work and which do not.

Heather gave us an update on the Health Freedom Bill. It had been delayed due to Covid and they are now starting over. There will be a hearing on March 3rd, which can be attended virtually. Heather will send us more information and post the link in our page in Facebook.

Treasurer’s report:

Bridgette shared with us the financials. Susan moved to accept the financial report. Heather seconded it. All present voted “yes.”

Committees updates:

Rebecca reported on the Events Committee. She was finally able to connect with the spokesperson for Indu Arora. Right now, Indu has no live programs planned, just virtual. They will send Rebecca a list of topics and dates that are available. There is also the idea that we could create a short video/interview with Indu to create interest in her program. We are still hoping to get her for a weekend workshop that will allow attendees to pick and choose which one, or all, they would like to attend.

Education and Outreach: Heather said that the committee met but was holding back because they wanted to try and align their goals with membership.

Diversity/Inclusion: Heather pointed out that there are NAMA webinars on this topic. She will post the link, along with one on Implicit Bias, on our Facebook page.

Communications and Market: Tresa said that the committee will meet tomorrow, Feb. 26th.

Our next meeting will be determined.

Respectfully submitted,


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