October 15 2020


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

Thursday, 10/15/20  9am      


Present: Tresa, Susan, Rebecca, Sarah Excused: Heather President Update: Tresa had a long talk with a woman from NAMA that is the director of state-wide associations. Tresa learned that all the other four states, who have a state-wide org, are membership based. She recommended that we do a few things for AAW to also become one. They are: Four times a year, gather as a group Once a year, offer a public event such as a fair or lecture. Four times a year, publish a newsletter Monthly, offer a networking meeting. Tresa suggested that we start doing this and for the first year, make it a donation-based membership with a free Covid discount for people in need. The plus side is that the organization is currrently not bringing in any money right now and we do have expenses. There was a lot of discussion around these items. If we switch back to a member-based org, we cannot be involved in lobbying, but we can advise. There is also NAMA money to help fund lobbying. Tresa will write up all the details and send it to the directors. Tresa also talked about the newsletter. Instead of what she had originally planned, she found that MailChimp has a survey option. She plans to use this to find out more information about the people on the mailing list. Susan asked about the bio on Pat Layton, which was supposed to be in the newsletter. Tresa will instead post it to our blog. The Strategic Planning Committee is meeting next week, and we will be looking to see what changes are needed to change to a membership organization in the SP. Treasurer’s report. Sarah shared with us the financials. Susan caught an error and Sarah will redo them and send them out for board approval. There was also some talk about changing the debit card to a credit card. It’s a bit complicated and Sarah will reach out to Carol and discuss how this might affect the buying club. A motion was made by Sarah to accept Bridget Wells as the new treasurer. Rebecca seconded it. All present voted “yes.”

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