July 29 2020


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

Wednesday, 7/29/20  9am      


Present: Tresa, Heather, Susan, Rebecca, Sarah President Update: Tresa shared with us the newsletter. It is still a rough draft, but it is in the works. There will be probably three sections: The President’s message is first, followed by a section on Covid, and then one on Solidarity. Tresa originally wanted to add a fourth section talking about committees. We agreed to mention the name of the committee and a two-lined description. The full bullet points on each committee is not ready to be published yet. Heather discussed that the solidarity piece was inspired from an anti-racism Zoom call. The directors agreed to form a committee that will address diversity, inclusiveness, accountability, and to make sure that AAW is friendly to all. We agreed it was a great idea, but we needed more discussion on the topic going forward. Tresa reported on the progress of the Strategic Planning Committee. It is a lot of work and we are still trying to find clarity around some topics. Tresa reported that the website is almost finished being updated. Sarah reported that the finances are the same as last month. She also said she had talked to a CPA who said that AAW should not be a private foundation, but a 501c3, and that we are still trying to sort out our status. Tresa said she knows a CPA that specializes in non-profits and is willing to help us with this matter The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 12th at 10:30. Respectfully submitted, Susan Pack

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