July 17 2020


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

7/15/20  9am      


Present: Tresa, Heather, Susan, Rebecca Excused: Sarah Tresa reported on the finances for Sarah. The deadline for filing our taxes is today, July 15th . We will be filing for an extension. It appears that the AAW had not filed taxes in the past. The more Sarah has investigated it, the more complicated it has become. Sarah will continue to work on them. We are considered an “Inc” and no longer an LLC. We are also considered a PF or Private Foundation in the eyes of the federal government. Tresa reported that the finances are the same as last month. Partnership Services Committee: (previously known as membership). They are still working on making it s searchable directory. It was suggested that the price to be a partner should be an introductory price for a short time to encourage people to pay for their partnership. We are hoping to make enough from this to at least cover the cost to have them published on the website. In terms of the Community Partners, if one pays for this, they will be able to have the AAW logo on their website and on their print materials. Both Partnerships are still a work in progress. As always, we discuss any new classes that the directors are offering. We are encouraged to offer free classes and list them on the Meetup Page and our Facebook page. For the upcoming newsletter, Tresa shared that most of it will be in the President’s Message. She will report on what the AAW is currently doing (meetings, strategic planning, etc.) Other features will be an article using Ayurveda to cope with Covid-19, dealing with racial inequality, and the committee members. Tresa shared with us the updated website. The directors liked it but also agreed to remove the board minutes from the site. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 29th at 10:30. Respectfully submitted, Susan Pack

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