May 18 2020


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Virtual Board Meeting

Wednesday, 5/18/20  9am      


Present: Tresa, Heather, Susan, Sarah, Carol, Rebecca


Our current balance is $773.64 as of 5/14/20. Susan asked, in the future, to be able to see a balanced sheet and a P&L sheet for the calendar year. This way, the directors can see it and approve the financials at every meeting. Sarah is still looking into the cost of purchasing Quick Books. Sarah will talk to Stacey about continuing to use a part of Ajara’s account in the meantime. The directors discussed briefly if we could charge an annual fee for the buying club. Carol thought there were so few people using this program and the fee might encourage the participants to just order on their own instead of with the buying club. Right now, there is no money coming in but some money is going out to pay Jessica for maintaining the website and sending out emails via MailChimp. In light of no current income, Sarah suggested that we pull some things “in-house” where we could. Currently, our largest outgoing lump of money is to Jessica for marketing support. In an effort to cut expenses, Tresa will create and send the Association newsletter for the time being. We discussed past events that brought in money to AAW, such as the Dr. Lad movie and the Lunch and Learns. Our past events were our main sources of income. Do to the pandemic, AAW has not recently had any events. Previously, there was Community Partnership for $60/year to have with AAW. This allows for the business to be promoted on emails and posts coming out of the AAW. Tresa talked about our logo and how it is appearing to have low resolution. Tresa offered to work on this. The directors started to review together the bylaws. In Section 1.02, the address will be updated to County of Racine from County of Sheboygan. There was a bit of discussion that followed on Article II—Purpose. After much discussion, Rebecca made a motion to “Change the bylaws to eliminate yoga and meditation from the Purpose”. Heather seconded it. All the directors voted yes. Because time had run out, Susan proposed that she and Tresa meet to review the bylaws and to bring the changes to the next meeting for a vote. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 3rd at 10:30.


Respectfully submitted, Susan Pack

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