Aug 21, 2019


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Board Meeting at Colectivo in Grafton

Wednesday, 8/21/19 9am      


Present:   Nicole, Carol, Stacy and Rebecca

Minutes: The minutes from our July Meeting were reviewed and approved by all. 

Upcoming Community Events: 

Lele Potluck Open House: Wednesday, 9/4 in Glendale

It was decided to keep the event small and intimate with attendees being invite only. 

The workshops the Lele’s are conducting could be an opportunity for CEU for massage therapists. 

Carol was going to order 12 copies of the Lele’s books from Lotus Light Press for those interested at the events.

Susan’s Online Study Group: Susan’s letter went out and Rebecca agreed to get it posted on the AAW Facebook group. Ajara now subscribes to Zoom so Susan can use this platform for her meetings.   

Marketing Assistant:  Stacey mentioned she might have a friend in MN who could possibly take on the roll of working on the social media, directory, newsletter and website for AAW. Stacey is going to check with her and let the group know. 

Website: We have a few website domains reserved: ayurvedawisconsin.com, ayurvedawisconsin.org & wisconsinayurveda.com. We need to point these additional emails to one domain. We are currently paid thru April on these but we decided to revisit this in March to see if we want to continue with all of these domains. 

Email leads: We need to add the Food As Medicine email leads to our mailing list. 

Financials: The board unanimously approved the financial report. It was agreed that we might need to hire a tax accountant/CPA for our EOY filing. 

Additional Business: Stacey now believes we might qualify for a SMILE account on Amazon. Further research on this is needed. 

Next meeting will be held on 9/18 @ 9am at Colectivo in Grafton. 

Submitted By Rebecca Magestro, Secretary