July 24, 2019


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Board Meeting at Colectivo in Grafton

Wednesday, 7/24/19 9am      

Present:   Nicole, Carol, Stacy and Rebecca

Minutes: The minutes from our May Meeting were reviewed and approved by all. 

Upcoming Community Events: 

Lele Potluck Open House: Wednesday, 9/4 in Glendale

Carol will ask the Lele’s if they have any special guest they want to invite and find out how many people we can have present. We will ask for a $5 suggested donation and have a food item sign up (thinking apps & desserts). Maybe using Evite to manage the invites and attendees. 

Susan’s Proposal: Susan suggested to have regular Study Group sessions where practitioners could bring their confidential case studies and get support from the group. The board discussed seeing if Susan would be willing to be the organizer/moderator for this group, possibly meeting every other month via Zoom.  Nicole agreed to get back to Susan via email to see if Susan would be willing to take on this role. Ajara agreed to sponsor the Zoom account for AAW to use. 

Directory: Susan also suggested having a directory on our website of Practitioners and Ayurvedic Businesses. We discussed offering a free general listing to everyone with a small 25 word bio, Name, Address, Phone, Website, Email. No promotional offers allowed. To gather names we would send out an email to our community and put this on our website. At some point we may look at charging for a more prominent ad. 

Virtual Assistant: With the additional web and social media efforts we are having a challenge getting completed, the board discussed the opportunity of hiring a virtual assistant to take care of these updates. To compensate the cost of hiring someone, we would charge $10/event/mo or $60/year w/unlimited posts. This would include advertising in monthly email newsletters, Meetup group, and on the website. Self posting events on the Facebook page will be free of charge. Optional virtual assistant companies to look into: GenM, UpWork, Zen Desk. 

Website: Nicole agreed to work on updating the AAW website. This includes putting the past minutes on the site and start the directory listing.

Financials: The board unanimously approved the financial report. Stacey will mail a check to Barbara for 20% of net profit payment from her FAM event.  

Buying Club: Starting with the current orders we will be adding a $5 fee/order for processing. Carol will keep track of her time involved with handling BC so that the organization can reimburse her for her time. 

Additional Business: Stacey looked into getting a SMILE account started on Amazon, however our organization would not qualify. Perhaps if we eventually offer a scholarship program, we could look into it again.  

Next meeting will be held on 8/21 @ 9am at Colectivo in Grafton. 

Submitted By Rebecca Magestro, Secretary