May 15, 2019


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Board Meeting at Fiddleheads

Wednesday, 5/15/19 9am      



Present:   Nicole, Carol, Stacy and Rebecca

Minutes: The minutes from our February Meeting were reviewed and approved by all. 

Business license & Reseller’s permit: We now have both a Business License and a Reseller’s permit.  

Upcoming Community Events: 

Book signing w/Dr. Teitelbaum June 10th @ 7pm at Boswell Books

Discussion to ask Susan to do a cooking class and the possibility of hosting a Sept Potluck with the Lele’s on Sept 5 or 6th? 

Sorting of donated Books: There was a book sorting of the 12=-18 boxes that were donated by Santosh. We discussed looking for space to store the library. Carol was going to contact Wesley to see if he would come to our next meeting to discuss issues regarding the storage, investment and donations of space/resources. 

Financials: The board unanimously approved the financial report with the addition of the $7K value of the book donation to Assets. Barbara still needs to be emailed regarding a 20% of net profit payment from her FAM event.  There were also some fees to the account from US Bank that are being cleared up from our Meetup and GoDaddy accounts. WI Bank will be removing some fees that were applied as well for paper statements. 

Buying Club: On an individual basis, we will see if we can offer our community pricing under MSRP from our vendors when we offer buying club deals.

 Additional Business: We discussed looking into getting a SMILE account started on Amazon to get additional donations. 

Next meeting will be held on 6/26 @ 9am at Fiddleheads in Cedarburg. 

Submitted By Rebecca Magestro, Secretary