Feb 20, 2019


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Board Meeting via ZOOM

Wednesday, 2/20/19 9am      


Present:   Nicole, Carol, Stacy and Rebecca

Minutes: The minutes from our January Meeting were reviewed and approved by all. 

Website:  Tresa was invited to come to our next meeting on 3/20  (and has agreed to come if in Mequon) to discuss website needs.  

Business license & Reseller’s permit: Nicole submitted an application for both of these. It was mentioned that we may need to charge sales tax to those without a reseller’s license. We also may not be able to sell items for less than they are listed on the company’s website, which might not be of benefit. 

Upcoming Community Events: 

Jyotish at Bodhi March 2-3 

Intro to Jyotish w/Whitney April??

Lunch ‘n Learn w/Corinna May 11??  

Book review w/Dr. Teitlebaum June??

501c(3):  We are still awaiting approval.

Donation of Books: Nicole and Carol are going to pick up the boxes of books being donated by Santosh. We discussed that if our organization brings in over $25,000 of donations in one year, we may need to register as a Charitable Organization with Wisconsin. We do not know what the books are currently valued at but we will be getting an inventory list with the donated books and their value. 

Financials: There hasn’t been much activity since last month but we made $450 in profit from Barbara’s Food as Medicine event. We discussed giving a percent of the profits to Barbara for her time. The board unanimously approved offering to give Barbara 20% off the profits. If she doesn’t chose to take it, it will go back to AAW. 

Stacy opened an account with WI Bank. We will need to replace the deposit check with Northshore Library in the amount of $50. 

Next meeting will be held on 3/20. Location either in Mequon or Cedarburg. 

Submitted By Rebecca Magestro, Secretary