Jan 1, 2019


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Board Meeting at Fiddleheads in Cedarburg

Wednesday, 1/16/19 9-11am      


Present:   Barbara, Nicole, Carol and Rebecca

Minutes: The minutes from our December Meeting were reviewed and approved by all. 

Website:  We discussed some things we need to do with the website. 1) Ensure the link to collect emails is being sent to MailChimp and is more prominently displayed on the site. 2) Add Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation buttons. 

We would like to have the following website pages: Current events (Google calendar - $10 suggested donation/event), Buying club page/calendar (+$5 for each order for handling), Directory (discussed fee of $25/yr to be listed. Directory listing comes with 1 feature article in our mailing per year and a link to their website). 

Template form will be needed for the directory & questions for the feature article with images. 

Buying Club: Carol shared her year calendar document showing buying club vendor ordering months, which we discussed adding to the website and creating ordering links. Carol is going to send our Chandika buying club email to our past members. (Update: after the meeting it was mentioned that the email only went out to past members and if we open it up to all on our list how challenging that might be in the processing of the shipment. It was suggested that if people help with the handling, they could get their $5 waived.) 

We discussed looking into an AAW reseller’s license. 

Upcoming Community Events: 

Intro to Ayurveda w/Tresa Saturday, 2/23 from 1-4pm 

Jyotish at Bodhi March 2-3 

Intro to Jyotish w/Whitney April??

Lunch ‘n Learn w/Corrina May 11??  

Book review w/Dr. Teitlebaum June??

501c(3):  We are still awaiting approval due to government shutdown. 

Donation of Books: Nicole shared that she received an email from Santosh at Lotus Light Publishing offering to generously donate his library of books to our organization. We discussed the possibility of having a lending library and open it up once a month for people to visit. Once we know the amount of books, we will need to find an appropriate home for them. We discussed finding someone who might be willing to donate space or the possibility of getting a grant. (Update: Rebecca emailed Santosh to thank him and explained our status with the filing of our 501©3 and he replied “we will find a way” . )

  • Nicole was going to speak to the accountant about the implications of the non-profit status delay. 

Submitted By Rebecca Magestro, Secretary