Dec 19, 2018


Ayurvedic Association of Wisconsin (AAW)

Board Meeting at Fiddleheads in Cedarburg

Wednesday, 12/19/18 9-11am      


Present:   Barbara Chernov, Stacey Kennedy, and Rebecca Magestro.

Present via Zoom: Carol Nace and Heather Burkart (Guest during licensing discussion)

Practitioner Licensing Heather joined us via Zoom to review her letter to us regarding the recent request from NAMA for donations and for support of the legislative push for Ayurvedic Practitioner licensing. Licensing would need to be acquired at a state level. Colorado is the first state to apply for licensing. Heather has been in contact with the Colorado non-profit heading up the initiative to learn more about the process and requirements. It was determined that because of our re-filing of 501c 3 status, AAW will not be able to get involved in the legislation but as individuals we can. 

Minutes: The minutes from our November Strategic Meeting were reviewed and approved by all. 

Upcoming Community Events: Food as Medicine event is our next event scheduled for 1/5. We agreed to repost the event after Christmas to remind people once more. 

In February, Tresa is being contacted about scheduling an Intro to Ayurveda event and March 2-3 Carol is hosting a Jyotish event. We also discussed Corina coming to WI in May. Barbara will discuss more with her about maybe doing a training/refresher course.  

There was more discussion on how to handle AAW & Individual Business events, particularly about revenue and advertising. We agreed to address this on a case-by-case basis for now.   

501c(3):  Stacey told us that Nicole and her refiled the paperwork to become a 501c3. We are awaiting approval.

Letter to our community: Barbara created a rough draft letter to go out to our Ayurvedic Community announcing the transition to a non-membership organization. This letter will also announce the 3 upcoming events for Q1, thank individuals for their support and invite them to stay involved. 

Facebook Page:  Our Facebook page was updated with new posting guidelines and all board members were assigned administration roles so we can all approve posts moving forward if they fit our guidelines.  

Website: Tresa couldn’t join us at this meeting but hopes she can make the February meeting to discuss her assistance with the website management. 

Buying Club: Carol had sent out a request for Banyan orders last week and will be sending out a reminder letter that the last day to get orders in is this Friday.

Financials: The AAW Balance Sheet and Income Statement were reviewed and approved.

Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 1/16/18 at 9am. Possibly in Cedar Grove? 

Submitted By Rebecca Magestro, Secretary